Day112:  Happy Earth day!

Day 111: The state capitol building.  

Day 110:  Farmers market.  Opening weekend for the outside farmers market at the capitol.  It was almost like a fair.  Food stands and performers.  So many people were there and it was a beautiful day.  

Day 109:  Another warm beautiful day!

Day 108: They are growing!  Hope it all works out!

Day 107:  Spring has arrived in Madison!!!!!!

Day 106:  It was a crazy long day.  So this is another from the park.  Roxy playing fetch.  Well sort of.  She loves to chase the stick then run back towards you then refuse to give you the stick back.  Then when you lose interest she drops the stick and when you go to get it she quickly picks it back up.  So fun… not!

Day 105: Stupid!  This is what I came home to today.  Such a nice surprise. Hopefully,  we can get it off with the power washer.  I took this with my iPhone.  Didn’t even think of getting my real camera.  I was just thinking document for insurance purposes.  Oh well hopefully it will never happen again.  I would like to say I hope they find them but I’m pretty sure they probably will not.  

Day 103:  So excited.  Cocoa loves to be off her leash.  She runs around like crazy its so funny.  Of course if it is just the backyard who cares.  We have to be away from the house for it to count I guess.